Private Detective Helga Mnich – competently and conscientiously!
many years of experience - absolute discretion - for private and business

Legal information:

According to Section 129 et seqq. of the Austrian Industrial Code, the Austrian professional detective industry is part of the security sector and therefore is bound by very strict legislation.

This includes the exceptional trustworthiness of professional detectives and their employees – assistants to professional detectives.

Furthermore, many years of professional experience and proof of commercial and technical skills is prerequisite for independently carrying out the activities specific to this sector. This specialised expert knowledge must be proven by passing the qualification examination.

Professional detective Helga Mnich passed this examination in 1993.

Austrian professional detectives are active in the following areas:

  1. providing information about personal relationships,
  2. conducting enquiries about criminal offences,
  3. obtaining evidence for the purpose of a judicial or

administrative procedure,

  1. investigating missing persons or persons being held, the author,

writer or sender of anonymous letters, or the originator or propagator of

defamations, suspicions or slanders

  1. observing and monitoring the loyalty of employees,
  2. observing customers on company premises,
  3. protecting individuals,
  4. detecting devices for the unauthorised transmission of picture and sound, of electronically-stored data and the associated security measures.