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INFOS Detective Agency, Vienna

INFOS Detective Agency was founded as a state-licensed company in 1982. It was established by Herbert MNICH who had worked as a detective since 1975 and passed the license examination for the professional detective industry in 1981. Upon his retirement in 2009, his wife took over the management of the company, which has from that point been entered in the Commercial Register for Austria as "Detektei INFOS e.U." (INFOS Detective Agency, registered sole proprietorship).

Helga MNICH has been working as a detective since 1985 and passed the license examination for the professional detective industry in 1993. Since 1982, INFOS Detective Agency has been a member of the Austrian Detective Association (ÖDV), which was founded in 1949. Helga MNICH has been active in the association since 2010 in the position of Finance Officer. Partly due to membership of this association, it has been possible to establish contact with a great number of domestic and international detectives over the years, which ensures successful activity far beyond the Austrian borders.

INFOS Detective Agency is your perfect partner where there is, for example, a lack of evidence or information in the following cases:

  • Legal action in civil, administrative and criminal cases as well as in employment law
  • Breaches of trust by employees
  • Matters relating to divorce
  • Verifying a partner's fidelity
  • Theft, fraud, economic crime, etc.
  • Counterfeiting
  • Inventory discrepancies
  • Fraudulent insurance claims
  • Unfair competition
  • Unknown place of residence of persons and observation of their employer, or of attachable income or assets for the purpose of distraint.

Prior to being commissioned, we will create for you a no obligation problem analysis, free of charge, taking into account all of the relevant facts. We will then develop the most effective and cost-effective approach, on the basis of the results and taking into account our many years of experience, in order to obtain the optimum information and gather evidence for your case.

We will always carry out our work for you in a systematic way, and the resources made available to us, such as interviews, research, observations and technical resources, will be used depending on the task at hand and after weighing up all the factors, such as conclusiveness, chance of success, cost ratio, generally in combination. We attach special importance to detailed written reporting and visual preservation of evidence by means of photographic and video documentation. Above all else, we abide by the principle that the work carried out by us should remain unnoticed and consequently the opposing party does not prematurely become aware about the knowledge gained. Therefore, the hard evidence gained can be used far better.

We continually stay abreast of the latest technological developments and communication with staff in the field is always guaranteed. Consequently, we always maintain an updated awareness of the progress of research and observations.

You can contact the head of operations for INFOS Detective Agency at any time of the day or night by telephone on +43 1 485 45 19.

INFOS Detective Agency, which is frequently recommended by solicitors, as well as its managing director Helga MNICH together with company employees, has established itself as a reliable partner for problem solving in the economic and private domain and is able to provide you with extensive expertise.

FREE personal consultation by appointment with your detective agency in Vienna – INFOS Detective Agency